Sixth Grade

The sixth grade curriculum provides opportunities for students to develop and practice the critical reading skills necessary to understand and appreciate the different genres of literature. Students continue studying frequently misspelled words, vocabulary, language conventions, and writing skills. These skills help students learn to express themselves utilizing technical correctness and fluidity in writing. Writing study covers the five stages of the writing process and application by using the library and technology for research reports and producing various forms of writing such as journals, letters, essays, and constructed responses.

Seventh Grade

Seventh grade curriculum advances to more demanding literary works and developing and understanding the elements of various literary genres. At the same time, students are encouraged to think critically and reflectively through the reading and to make connections to their world. Frequent writing exercises have students utilizing the steps of the writing process to write poetry, narrative and descriptive paragraphs, personal letters, and reports. Language and vocabulary study continues, and students realize and utilize the features of language which make writing more precise and concise.

Eighth Grade

Eighth grade students continue to study quality literature and literary elements through reading and writing assignments. Regular vocabulary is also incorporated into the curriculum. Writing focuses on persuasive, expository, and reports as final products. Students examine the written works for fluency, coherence. and correctness in the utilization of language and spelling.

Students at all grade levels have access to technology in English through the Accelerated Reading Program and the Star Reading. Students are also encouraged to enter essay contests. Interdisciplinary opportunities are incorporated into the curriculum at every grade level as well.


Students should be able to recognize the inter-relatedness of language, literature, and culture. Ultimately students will develop the abilities necessary to critically examine and appreciate literature, to comprehend written and oral communication, and to think, write, and speak clearly and effectively.

At all grade levels students focus on the Indiana Academic Standards in curriculum. Those standards can be found on the Indiana Department of Education web site and include:

  • Reading: Word Recognition, Fluency, and Vocabulary Development
  • Reading Comprehension: Informational Materials
  • Reading: Literary Response and Analysis
  • Writing: Writing Process
  • Writing: Writing Applications
  • Writing: Written English Language Conventions


Holt Elements of Literature and Elements of Language

Special Events

  • Read Across America
  • Book Fair
  • Reading at Home
  • Accelerated Reading Program



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