Sixth Grade Art

In the sixth grade, students will develop an understanding of the techniques used in drawing, painting, and ceramics as well as art history. The class emphasis will be placed on contour line drawing, shading, color pencil, grids, ceramics, and paper mache. The students will be introduced to brainstorming lists, thumbnail sketches, and other techniques to develop abstract ideas into concrete images.

Seventh Grade Art

In seventh grade, students will utilize their prior knowledge of the techniques and concepts learned in sixth grade and will develop an understanding of new techniques, media, and art history. Emphasis will be placed on color, shading, watercolor painting, oil pastel, ceramics, and sculpture. Students will develop their ideas through sketching, brainstorming, and other imagination sparking techniques.

Eighth Grade Art

In the eighth grade, students will expand on their prior knowledge of techniques, concepts, and art history through a variety of media. Emphasis will be placed on still life drawing, shading, color, collage, painting, and basket making. Brainstorming, thumbnail sketches, and a variety of reference materials will be utilized by students to transform ideas into images.


Portfolios-State of the Art Program
Robyn Montana Turner
Barrett Kendall Publishing, Ltd.

Special Events

  • Muncie City Art Show (Muncie Mall)
  • V.S.A. Art Exhibit (Minnetrista Cultural Center)


   Mr. Farber