Business and Computer

Sixth Grade - Keyboarding

Students will take a nine week course. After completing this class, students should be able to key without looking at their hands on the keyboard and keep their eyes on the material to be keyed. Students will review basic English skills of punctuation, spelling, and proofreading. Students will take a nine week course.

Seventh Grade - Computer Applications

Students will take a semester course which teaches the workings of the keyboard and keyboarding. General factual information about how computers work and how to operate computers are also covered. The course concludes with the workings of word processing programs, data-base programs, and Windows operations. These applications will be applied to what is being taught in the team classes.

Eighth Grade - Advanced Computer Applications

The goal of this course is to prepare students for our technologically driven world. This is best accomplished when the technology being used has a clear purpose and meaning. Using the standards set by the Muncie Community Schools for technology, the students will create products and conduct research that will tie directly to the content, which is being covered, in Math, English, Science and Social Studies classes.