The Northside program provides students with the opportunity to master the basic skills of mathematics, to apply these to everyday life skills, to further develop their problem solving techniques, and to extend their critical thinking skills. An advanced program is offered at the seventh and eighth grade levels for qualifying students.

Sixth Grade

Emphasis in sixth grade mathematics is placed on mastery of operations of whole numbers, decimals, and fractions. The course also includes geometry, graphing, algebra, ratios, proportions, percent, measurement, and integers. In sixth grade math, students are introduced to many new concepts that go beyond basic computation and build a foundation for algebra and other advanced math skills. Instruction stresses computation through problem solving, reasoning, and communicating about mathematics while utilizing the correct terminology.

Seventh Grade

Emphasis is placed on mastery of operations of fractions and decimals. The course includes plane geometry, probability, statistics, and algebra. A transition from general math skills to algebra is made at the seventh grade level. More emphasis is placed on solving equations, using properties of mathematics, and problem solving. Problem-solving is the focus for instruction. Activities help students develop concepts, bridge from concrete representations to pictorial representations and abstract symbols, and use reasoning and communication skills to develop strong conceptual understanding.

Eighth Grade

The eighth grade math course provides instruction on operations with real numbers, integers, rational numbers, solving and graphing equations and inequalities, patterning proportions, percent, statistics, probability, geometric constructions and measurement in both two and three dimensions, tables and graphs, linear functions, polynomials, and indirect measurement.

Honors Program

At all grade levels, there is one section of honors available for qualified students. In the honors sections, curriculum is accelerated and higher level thinking skills are stressed. The teachers adjust content, materials, and assessments in response to the unique abilities of the honors students.

At all grade levels, students cover interdisciplinary concepts, utilize hands-on activities, participate in the Math Mania and State Math Contests, and participate in a variety of assessments to address the various learning styles of students.


The mathematics program at Northside is centered around the state math standards which are included in the following:

  • Number Sense
  • Computation
  • Algebra and Functions
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Statistics, Data Analysis, and Probability
  • Problem Solving


Sixth Grade General

Course 1
by Holt-McDougal

Sixth Grade Honors & Seventh Grade General

Course 2
by Holt-McDougal

Seventh Grade Honors & Eight Grade General

Pre Algebra
by Prentice Hall

Eight Grade Honors

by Prentice Hall

Students can use calculators when appropriate. Pre-Algebra and Algebra students should have a scientific calculator to be used at the discretion of the teacher. Work should be shown unless otherwise stated.



Chairperson   Mrs. Turner
    Mr. Timperman
    Ms. Koon
    Mrs. Meinerding
    Mrs. Jackson
    Mrs. Collins