Technology Education

Sixth Grade

This program is nine weeks in length and provides students with an introductory overview of manufacturing, transportation, communication, and construction. This is an activity-based course in which students are introduced to the importance of technology in each area and provided with an activity to reinforce each concept presented.

Students will be able to describe parts of each system and how they interrelate with and impact other systems. Activities in the class include group discussion and individual, practical experiences.

Seventh Grade

Students study communication and transportation technology by constructing both written and graphic communication materials. Additionally, each student designs, produces, and assesses a transportation project.

Eighth Grade

This program is nine weeks in length and provides students with a more in-depth overview of the construction and manufacturing industries. Activities designed to reinforce the concepts presented in each area are provided. The eighth grade program is an elective for the students.

Manufacturing technology include these experiences:

  1. designing
  2. producing
  3. testing manufactured goods

Construction technology students learn the tools, materials, and specifications common in the construction industry. Students will solve basic weight distribution and support problems. Additionally, students will explore career opportunities in manufacturing and construction technology.


Technology Education
                                          Mr. Tormoehlen