World Languages

Foreign Language is an elective course that is offered to eighth grade students. The course is one semester, during which the students will explore other languages and cultures. The primary languages of study are French and Spanish.

This course offers an introduction to French and Spanish. The students will learn basic skills and vocabulary in both of the languages. The primary focus of the course will be on speaking and listening skills. In addition to an introduction to the language, the students will explore French and Spanish culture through a variety of different exploratory activities. Students will have the opportunity to sample different cultures and gain a better understanding of cultures around the globe.

French and Spanish are both Romance Languages, and during the course of study the students will be able to identify many similarities in the languages. In addition to the similarities among the languages, they will be able to compare and contrast American culture and traditions with those of French-speaking and Spanish-speaking countries. Some of the areas of culture that are discussed are: traditions, holidays, family structure, art, etc. The exploration of different cultures will enable the students to see multiculturalism within our own society and the importance of language study.

When students complete the course, they are better able to make a decision about which language to study, as well as having a better understanding of multiculturalism around the world.

Foreign Language  
                                                Miss Raines