I am tardy to school in the morning? 

Report to the office to sign in, then report to the tardy room. If you arrive on a late 
bus, report to class.

I report to school during the day? 

Report to the office to sign in. They will give you a pass.

I am returning to school from an absence? 

If returning after being absent a complete day or more, report directly to class.

I know I need to be absent on a certain day? 

Have you parents clear needed absences with the office as early as possible. You will also want to check 
with your teachers concerning assignments.

I need to leave the building during the school day? 

Parent permission must be given to the office in writing or by telephone in case of an emergency. You will 
also need to sign out in the Main office. If you return to the building the same day, you will 
need to sign back in.

I become ill at school? 

Obtain a pass from your teacher and go directly to the clinic. Under not circumstances should you call home 
before reporting to the clinic.

I am injured at school? 

Seek a staff person for assistance and go to the clinic immediately.

I lose a textbook? 

Report the loss to the teacher of that subject and ask to be issued a new textbook on a temporary basis. The 
lost book will need to be paid for before a new book will be permanently issued. If the lost book is found in 
good condition, no charge will be made.

I lose a library book? 

Report this loss to the librarian, Mrs. Pendel, as soon as possible and make the necessary arrangements 
with her.

I lose personal property? 

Check for the lost items in the Cafeteria.

I lose my locker combination? 

Report this to the Assistant Principals' office.

I can't get my locker open? 

Report to class to avoid being tardy and report the problem to the teacher.

I ride a bicycle to school? 

Park in the designated area. (North lot)

I need to withdraw from school? 

Have a parent contact the Guidance office.

I have a problem with another student? 

Contact the Assistant Principal.