Dress Code


 Students should not wear clothing or hair styles that can be harmful to them in their school activities, nor which prevent students from doing their best work because of blocked vision or restricted movement, nor that creates, or are likely to create, a disturbance of the educational process. Some type of protective footwear must be worn. Students wearing inappropriate clothing, as determined by school personnel, will be asked to change and/or disciplined appropriately. Specific dress code rules are as follows:

A. No tight shorts, short shorts, short skirts, leggings, jeggings, yoga pants, compression pants, tights, stretch stirrup pants, or any excessively tight clothing (unless worn under a piece of clothing which covers the buttocks); including in PE 

B. No shorts, skirts, and dresses that are shorter than finger-tip length when arms are fully extended at sides; 

C. No sagging pants or shorts are permitted. Pants or shorts are to be worn at or above the natural waist. Long shirts over sagging pants do NOT meet this requirement;

D. No shirts or clothing which only partially cover the upper body, such as open mesh, net weave, lace, tank tops, halters; no clothing that exposes cleavage; 

E. No clothing or other paraphernalia that appear to be gang related. Criminal Gang defined per I.C. 35-45-9-1 means a group with at least three (3) members that specifically:
                 1) either:
                             a. promotes, sponsors, or assists in; or
                             b. participates in; or
                 2) requires as a condition of membership or continued membership; the                                          commission of a felony or act that would be a felony if committed by an
                     adult or the offense of battery; 

F. No hats, gloves, head coverings with exception of religious, cultural, or health reasons are to be worn in the building; Final determination will rest with building administrators (or designee)

G. No sunglasses worn in the building;

H. No clothing bearing suggestive comments or pictures, promoting or advocating the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons, or other conduct prohibited by student code;

I. No clothing with any rips, holes, tears, or frays above the knee; that expose skin, under garments, or private areas;

J. No coats, jackets, hoodies with lining, or other items intended to be worn as outerwear in the building are permitted;

K. Book bags, purses, or fannie packs, must stay in lockers. They may not enter classrooms;

L. No loungewear, sleepwear, or house slippers; M. No large chains and spike jewelry (bracelets, chokers, etc.);

N. No facial painting except where approved by the principal for school spirit days.

O. Shoes must have a sole. No slippers, as these provide a safety risk. School personnel reserve the right to determine what is considered inappropriate or disruptive to the educational process.

Penalties for violation of the dress code are as follows:
A referral to the office will be completed for each dress code violation.

First Violation:
 Student will be asked to correct inappropriate appearance.
 If the inappropriate dress cannot be easily corrected, the parent will be asked to bring a change of clothing to school.
 If none of the above steps are possible, the student will be placed in in-school suspension for the day.

Second Violation:
 Parent will be notified, and the student will be placed in in-school suspension for the day.

Third Violation and Subsequent Violations:
 Parent will be notified, and the student will be suspended based upon the number of previous dress code violations.